Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Speed Cell Burner 4

No, it’s not part of a computer or something geeky!

Product Description is in Korean.
Made by Yedang Cosmetics.
Price: P292.00
Body & Body

I would always find myself looking at this store because of their products & out of curiosity I bought the one for the tummy (the red one). Now that I have started to take care of my weight I have been doing treadmills lately. I tried it out since it would be the perfect complement for my exercise. I was so right! I squeezed just enough for my tummy & once I massaged it, give it 5-10 minutes you will feel the effect. It’s comparable to Omega but it’s more hotter. The scent is also floral & I love it.
I did sweat a lot in my tummy area where I put the gel. This product is recommended especially for those who are exercising.
One good thing about this store is that they have a lot of variants to choose from. There’s one for night time, with flavors, for the whole body. So better check this store.


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