Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. Jart Pore Medic Bubble Foam

Product Description:
Dual bubble mechanism and micro bubbles deeply cleanse pores
Cleans Pores and Removes Sebum & Dead Cells
Contains EVERMAT and DYNALIFT, the new anti-pore ingredients from Europe, remove skin waste creating pure skin.
Cleans deeply with dual-bubble mechanism
Uses special cleansing formula that bigger bubbles remove wastes and micro bubbles clean pores.
Pore tightening and fine skin effect
Skin-friendly Amino acid cleansing ingredient removes skin wastes leaving no residues. Sorghum bicolor stalk juice from sugar cane helps contracting of pores making skin tight and firm.
Matte finish without dehydration after wash
Takes care of oily complexion and roughness. Results matte finish without dryness and tightness after wash.
Prevents troubles and loss of elasticity
Skin looses elasticity when pores are clogged up with sweat, sebum, and other secretions. Thorough wash with Pore-x bubble prevents troubles and loss of elasticity.
EVER MAT : Pore tightening & Sebum control
DYNALIFT : Pore caring
Grandis extract : Removing dead-skin cell & softening skin
Junos fruit extract : Skin elasticity & Revitalizing
Sophora extract : Caring trouble & Soothing
Made in Korea

Gmarket Seller: Dr. Jart

Price: 19,000 won

Bought this months ago together with Re-Tighten Mask which was being sold as a set.

 - One tube lasted me for months. You only need to apply a small amount then dilute it with water before you put it in your face.
- It really does do the job of cleaning your face because when I apply my toner, there’s no more trace of dirt left in my face. The oiliness in my face did lessen also.

- Unfortunately, there are more cons than pros. It can be quite harsh on those who have sensitive skin (like me). That’s why I dilute it with water because sometimes
- it made my skin dry & flaky. My pores are still there & it did nothing to my pores.

Purchase it again? Sadly, NO. I had high hopes for Dr. Jart products.

Recommended for: I would recommend this for those who don’t have sensitive skin.


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