Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Bath Deep Clear Refreshing Bubble Wash

Not to be confused with Happy Bath Day which is a Japanese brand. Happy Bath is a product of Amore Pacific. One of the leading manufacturers in Korea. During my last GMarket spree. I have decided to try out some of their products & one of these is their Deep Clear Refreshing Bubble Wash.

- Relatively cheap, it costs around 8,200 won but it comes as a set (Deep Clear Refreshing Bubble Wash + Natural Whip Cleansing Foam + 4 samples)
- Happy Bath Products are supposedly made of organic ingredients.
- It really does clean my face.
- Just a little pump goes a long way. BUT I tend to overpump because of the bubbles.
- No drying feeling.

- So hard to find an english information about this brand.
- My blackheads are still there. No improvement with my pores.

Wallet Damage: 8,200 won

Site: Happy Bath Korea

Gmarket Seller: 스킨스타일

Will I buy it again? : Yes! I'm interested in trying out their other products as well. :) I might able to find something that is more suitable for my skin.


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